Almutamaizon Engineering Consultants

About us

TESTAs a contribution to the urban renaissance taking place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Office of Almutamaizon Engineering Consultants was established in order to have the honor of participating in this blessed renaissance and in order for its children to help them perform their duty towards their homeland. Since the establishment of the office, we have spared no effort in implementing the projects entrusted to us that have been implemented and invested to the fullest, with the testimony of all relevant authorities.

The Office of Almutamaizon Engineering Consultants is one of the most prestigious offices in the field of consulting and engineering designs for real estate, commercial and residential projects, and it provides an integrated range of engineering services to clients, governmental and non-governmental agencies.

The Office of Almutamaizon Engineering Consultants has designed and developed many pioneering and prominent projects in the scientific fields, commercial and multi-use markets, where the office provides many services and engineering consultancy, including project management, engineering planning and design, multimedia and architectural demonstration, traffic studies, the department of land surveying as well as a special section for consulting Environmental.

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